Majestic Mexican Salsa

A Mexican salsa recipe that uses a few secret steps that will have your tastebuds salsa dancing!

Palak Paneer

100% one of my all time favourite vegetarian dishes! An Indian spinach and cheese curry that’s lightly spiced, has a beautiful rich green colour, packed full of iron and oh so comforting! Ingredients 400g spinach 200g paneer 2 green chillies 1 tomato 2 medium red onions 1″ piece of ginger 6 cloves of garlic 8…


A Middle Eastern dip that everyone loves! It’s healthy, versatile, vegan, gluten free and most importantly delicious.

Jerk Chicken, Plantain & Sweetcorn Salad

This dish is inspired by all the delicious Caribbean restaurants in my local area. Spicy flavoursome jerk chicken powered up with fruity scotch bonnet peppers, fried sweet and savoury plantain, awesome sweet potato wedges and a very simple sweetcorn salad. A filling and scrumptious dish bringing your taste buds that Caribbean sunshine.   Ingredients 500…

Banana Ice Cream With Caramel Sauce

Super quick banana ice cream and caramel sauce. A bonus is that the ice cream can easily be made vegan by substituting the whole milk with almond milk!   IngredientsĀ  Caramel Sauce 100 g light brown soft sugar 2 tbsp water 25 g salted butter 3/4 tbsp whole milk Banana Ice Cream 1.5 bananas (sliced…

Masala Chips

Who doesn’t love chips?!..Exactly! Here’s how you can ramp up the flavours.

Potato Curry & Masala Puris

This recipe is a Sunday breakfast tradition for Gujuratis (a region in the North Western India). I’ve had it my whole life and love it to bits. It’s not necessary to have the Bateta nu saak (potato curry) alongside the masala puris, you can have them with a cup of tea or even better proper…