Sri Lankan Prawn Curry

A super lush prawn curry from Sri Lanka! A fragrant dish that harnesses a variety of spices & coconut milk as well as very healthy plump king prawns. Curries have the misconception that they all are very complicated to cook, this is really not the case! I don’t want you to miss out on amazing…

Fantastic Fajitas

Tasty, light, healthy & bags of flavour! Try my fantastic fajitas.

Two Ingredient Pizza

Italy’s most famous food, pizza! Here’s a super quick pizza recipe that you can easily do at home.

Majestic Mexican Salsa

A Mexican salsa recipe that uses a few secret steps that will have your tastebuds salsa dancing!

Salad Nicoise

Salads seem to have a stigma against them for being dainty light dish which is not going to fill you up. This recipes proves that to be all wrong!

The Best Ever Coleslaw

The classic salad everyone knows, coleslaw! Here’s how to make your own and how to take the flavours to the next level!

Spinach & Feta Borek

Borek is a cripsy pastry with a savoury filling eaten as a snack or even for breakfast in parts of Eastern Europe and particularly Turkey. I have grown up in an area with there’s a big Turkish community so I have been lucky enough to have enjoyed these babies my whole life. I am glad…

Authentic Jerk Chicken

I have previously added a recipe for jerk chicken which was a quick and easy way of making the dish. This recipe is the proper authentic Jamaican recipe for the preparation and marinade of some seriously awesome jerk chicken!   Ingredients Makes 700 ml of marinade, enough for 6 pieces of chicken and plenty leftover…

Kinder Bueno Milkshake

Super delicious chocolate bar flavoured milkshake which makes for a godsend on a hot day or an awesome after-dinner dessert fix. One of the easiest recipes in the world, which makes it awesome for kids to make, under adult supervision of course.   Ingredients  3 White Kinder Bueno chocolate bars 250g vanilla ice cream 150ml…