Salad Nicoise

Salads seem to have a stigma against them for being dainty light dish which is not going to fill you up. This recipes proves that to be all wrong!

Chicken Shawarma

A very popular street food across the Middle East that has made its way around the world for very good reason, it is amazing. My close friend who grew up in the Middle East said he used to have them every day, I thought he was joking until he took me to try some and…


A Middle Eastern dip that everyone loves! It’s healthy, versatile, vegan, gluten free and most importantly delicious.

Smoked Salmon & eggs

A special brunch dish for a weekend treat, best served in bed.¬†This is easy to make but you should take your time to get it right and you will notice the difference.   Ingredients¬† 3 med eggs Salt Pepper Butter Smoked salmon Crusty bread Rocket   Method¬† Firstly put a frying pan on a medium…