Sri Lankan Prawn Curry

A super lush prawn curry from Sri Lanka! A fragrant dish that harnesses a variety of spices & coconut milk as well as very healthy plump king prawns. Curries have the misconception that they all are very complicated to cook, this is really not the case! I don’t want you to miss out on amazing…

Fantastic Fajitas

Tasty, light, healthy & bags of flavour! Try my fantastic fajitas.

Two Ingredient Pizza

Italy’s most famous food, pizza! Here’s a super quick pizza recipe that you can easily do at home.

Majestic Mexican Salsa

A Mexican salsa recipe that uses a few secret steps that will have your tastebuds salsa dancing!

Korean Style BBQ Ribs

This recipe came out a treat! Sticky, gnarly, sweet & spicy ribs, so so good. If you love to eat ribs don’t miss out on making these. The recipe is simple and easy to prepare, you will just need to do a shop at a big supermaket for some Gochjang, which is a Korean chilli…

Palak Paneer

100% one of my all time favourite vegetarian dishes! An Indian spinach and cheese curry that’s lightly spiced, has a beautiful rich green colour, packed full of iron and oh so comforting! Ingredients 400g spinach 200g paneer 2 green chillies 1 tomato 2 medium red onions 1″ piece of ginger 6 cloves of garlic 8…

Spinach & Feta Borek

Borek is a cripsy pastry with a savoury filling eaten as a snack or even for breakfast in parts of Eastern Europe and particularly Turkey. I have grown up in an area with there‚Äôs a big Turkish community so I have been lucky enough to have enjoyed these babies my whole life. I am glad…